Puma x Kirk Knight // Colorist
We spoke to Pro-Era member and Brooklyn-native Kirk Knight ahead of his new album 'It Is What It Is' 


Nike Air Max 97 Plus x Emilio Ramos // Director, DOP
Wynwood DNA | Artist Emilio Ramos re-imagines the Nike Air Max 97 Plus "Miami Home" at Art Basel 2018.


Bloomingdales x Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke // Colorist
Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke discusses the rise and fall of Roc-A-Fella.



Anna (Nicolas Jaar - Coin In Nine Hands) // Director, DOP, Editor, Colorist
Changing the world's shapes and colors with model Anna Beirinckx.


Timberland X Champion 6" Sport Boot x Honorroller // Director, DOP
Master wood craftsman, Honorroller, works his magic on the Timberland X Champion 6" Sport Boot with a dope boot vas.


Volvo // Unofficial Ad // Director, DOP, Editor
School project to direct a video ad for any given item. I chose the Volvo V60 and achieved this end result with a crew of 5.


Tom & The Audeze LCD-2 // Director, DOP, Editor
An interview with my one of my best friends Tom as he discusses his passion for audio and his favorite pair of headphones.


‘Somethings We Take For Granted’ by Toby Barratt // Director, DOP, Editor
A song written by Toby Barratt about goodbyes and taking things for granted.


Transit Trailer - Ampere Antwerp // Director, Editor
While the days get shorter and the nights become longer, we dig deeper to bring you another profound and unique audiovisual experience


Gesaffelstein - Pursuit // Director, DOP, Editor
Unofficial music video for Gesaffelstein's 'Pursuit' built from shots taken inside of the Craeybeckx Tunnel.


The State of America - Or Lack Thereof // Director, Editor
Get some insight on Trump's vocabulary.